As part of our goal to provide our customers with only the absolute finest service available, we at Cargo Quote strive to provide only the best, most professional consolidated freight service in South Africa and abroad.

At Cargo Quote Break Bulk we are able to provide our clients with a solution to all their break bulk transportation and delivery needs, whilst keeping our promise of competitive prices and peace of mind when it comes to the delivery of their cargo on time, every time. We are also able to work with you to solve any unique or extra requirements you might have when it comes to your consolidated transportation needs.

Remember to ask us on our fixed pallet rates on various routes across South Africa!

Our promise of 48 hours to 72 hours delivery time period comes standard to all our break bulk loads. We do not compromise when it comes to the safety of your load, and with our dedicated group of contractors and cargo shipping specialist available, we will be able to get your cargo from point A to point B hassle free.

Ask us today for a free quote on your consolidated freight needs across South Africa or abroad and let’s get your break bulk transported where it needs to be!