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5 Air Freight Advantages For Businesses

2 March 2021 authored by Adrian Cruce – So many transport modes are available right now for businesses that are involved in commerce. Every single one has advantages and disadvantages. In the following paragraphs, we will focus on those advantages associated with air freight transportation that led so many businesses to using it.

It is a certainty that you are already aware of the fact that air freight is oftentimes used to ship low volume shipments with a high value. But this is only one of the reasons why you may prefer to use air freight to other shipping options.

Let’s take a look at some other very important advantages that business owners should be aware of right now.

Air Transport Is Very Fast

You will not find another shipping method that is faster. This is pretty obvious. Whenever you need to transport anything very fast, air freight is by far the best possible option. This is especially the case when compared with sea freight since shipping times in that case would be a lot longer.

Perfect Logistics

One of the best parts of using air freight transportation is that all departure and arrival times are reliable. Airlines always respect schedules that are incredibly tight. Missing flights is not even a problem in many cases because of the vast network available for businesses right now. If you want something to arrive on time, air freight is definitely the best option available.

Air Freight Can Be Cheaper

This is one thing that many businesses do not know and that should change. Because of the simple fact that air freight transportation times are very short, insurance premiums are a lot lower. This is particularly beneficial when you transport something that has a very high value. If you were to do so with the use of other shipping methods, the insurance fees would be very high. You can thus end up saving money if you choose air freight transportation.

High Security

This is actually one of the reasons why air freight insurance premiums are so low. When you ship something by air, security levels are as high as they could possibly be. All cargo is tightly managed and airport safety control is not something to take lightly. Cargo exposure to damage and theft is drastically reduced. There is simply a much higher possibility that your items will actually get to the final destination and will not be damaged.

You Need Less Packaging

Here is another way in which businesses end up saving money when they use air freight over other shipping methods. Air shipment always uses less heavy packaging. This is especially true when comparing with something like ocean shipments. The business needs to pay less for packaging so the higher air freight costs might eventually be covered.

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